Commission Portraits

Kyla will take you on a magical mystery tour of commission portrait painting. You won't know your elbow from you leg. This is all done very professionally, of course, and will be quite expensive. That's the way it is!



General Pricing as Follows**
Sizes are for reference. Exact size and height/width ratio depend on composition.

Head and Shoulders
14" x 18"..........$3,500
24" x 20"..........$6,000

3/4 Figure (w/ Hands)
28" x 22"..........$7,500
36" x 28"..........$10,000

Full Figure
48" x 36"..........$15,000
60" x 40"..........$25,000

Multiple Figures/Pets
Please inquire by email

*Travel, lodging, optional framing, and shippng are in addition to prices above.

**Prices estimated. Complexity of setting or other variables may result in increase of price.


The portrait process begins with a visit to the client's home, where the artist and sitter can get better acquainted and discuss possibilities for the portrait (Ms. Shackelford will travel worldwide).

Wardrobe, setting, pose, and size are chosen carefully to suit the client's needs.

When all details are settled, the artist asks for the client to sit for a charcoal sketch (approx. 1 hour), so that the artist can familiarize herself with the client's facial features.

Afterwards, a full photoshoot is done for further reference. After the best pictuers are chosen, they are reviewed by the client for approval.

A 50% non-refundable downpayment is due before the final painting is commenced. Typically, the client should expect 2-3 months for the painting to be completed, depending on size and complexity.

The final 50% is due upon receipt of the painting with approval by the client.

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